Lacopa is a driver of innovation that provides access to expertise and promising technology enabling the personalized medical diagnostics and treatment, improving the quality of life, brushing up on scientific investigations level, all with facilitating the necessary education of qualified personnel who are able to work with breakthrough ideas and think creatively.

Company advantage and valuable addition: unique competencies and expertise in the field of high technology in Life and Material Science and interdisciplinary approach.

The focus is on biotechnologies and personalized medicine, research on the properties of materials for various applications of science and industry:

  • Cell technologies
  • Molecular biology: Metabolomics and Proteomics
  • Biobanks: storage and transportation of material
  • Research of physical-chemical properties of different materials
Main applications: Oncology, regenerative medicine, hereditary diseases, aging, creating new materials for the industry of the future.

The main features of the portfolio are innovative equipment and solutions that meet current and future needs of the customers, ensure the proven reliability of experiments and developments, accelerate the results, eliminate the human factor at all stages and bring laboratory efficiency with automation, integration, and standardization and guarantee the safety of research and personnel.